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Masterlist of all my stories


This list will be updated as I go. All of the stories here are (predominantly) Glee --> Klaine.
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Etched Into My Skin - chapter 27


Kurt was sitting at his vanity, completing his evening routine and thinking about the full, amazing day he’d had.

Playing house with Blaine in their “Swiss chalet” – dancing and singing and looking at each other with open affection – had left him warm and happy, and absolutely sure that this was what their future would look like, a few years from now. Singing at the homeless shelter afterwards, getting to see the way music just lit people up, added that special something to the evening, no matter the circumstances. And there was that one boy there, maybe twelve, who’d looked at their joined hands with the kind of awe and hope that tugged at Kurt’s heartstrings.

He smiled, unbuttoning his shirt to change into his pajamas. It was almost Christmas and after today, he really felt the spirit of it.

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Etched Into My Skin - chapter 26


Kurt hadn’t really expected to win the election. He wouldn’t admit it, but after everything that had gone wrong in the last weeks, he’d been quietly resigned for this to be no different. And yet, here he was, following Figgins to his office in the middle of Glee. If that didn’t mean he’d won and they wanted to tell him in person, he didn’t know what else it could be.

But as soon as they entered the office, Kurt’s heart in an excited gallop and the corners of his mouth tugging up despite his efforts to look calm and collected, he knew he was wrong. They wouldn’t summon his father to school just to congratulate him. There had to be some kind of a problem, and though Kurt had no idea what it could be, the serious looks on Figgins’ and Coach Beiste’s faces couldn’t mean anything good.

And then they told him, and that brief moment of expectation, that short flight on wings of hope, made the crash landing all the more devastating.


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Not a Slut - Klaine college AU - part 3


Blaine wasn’t there to watch Kurt. Not at all. He just had a free period  and had wandered by Cassie’s classroom because he had nothing better to do. And if she was happy to invite him in to show the freshmen what the tango should really look like… well, it was just a coincidence.

But since he was there anyway, he could just as well enjoy the view of Kurt’s stunning body in the well-fitted black dance clothes – the pert swell of his ass, the taut lines of his toned, bare arms. He was glad to see that he’d been right: Kurt really was naturally graceful on his feet. Once he learned to fully let go of the inhibitions that still held him back, and owned the quiet strength in his muscles, he would do great.

Blaine stayed back after the class ended, watching the students trickle out of the classroom, sweaty and exhausted. Most of them were a mess after the strenuous class, yet Kurt somehow managed to look delicious with his face flushed from exertion and his hair in disarray. Blaine would be lying if he claimed the view didn’t give him sex thoughts. But Kurt had clearly shown he wasn’t interested, and Blaine was not one to push. Besides, his needs had been expertly satisfied on a semi-regular basis lately, thanks to a feisty fitness instructor he’d met at a bar.

Still, there was just something in Kurt that held Blaine’s interest and pulled his attention. He wanted to get closer and figure out what it was.

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Author's notes: Yes, this is an old, old story. But several months ago, I asked a friend what I could write for her as a thank you, and she requested something in this verse. So thanks to Tchrgleek, and dedicated for her, here's a sequel :)

(And yes, I do know I have WIPs hanging :) Not a Slut will be updated in a day or two, Etched Into My Skin next week, and Worthless/Priceless hopefully the week after that, if I manage to catch Captain Pihkal. See? I'm all about fanfic lately :) At least until the beginning of September, when I'll be starting on my second novel.)


5 years later
(one-shot sequel)

The world was changing.

Human rights movements and new liberal voices in the government had been growing louder, and then suddenly the time was right, and everything avalanched into a wave of change that swept through the country, wiping out the old, restrictive order. Kurt and Blaine hadn’t marched in the demonstrations, or written angry letters demanding new laws, but they looked forward to the change.

They were the lucky ones, they knew. Despite the heartless regulations, they’d managed to end up with their perfect matches and build a happy, thriving relationship. But there were so many others that had been hurt by the system and were still suffering the consequences every day. It was only fair they should be given a chance to find their own happiness, too.

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Not a Slut - Klaine college AU - part 2


Kurt walked the short distance to his dorm with his face on fire.

He’d just been propositioned, hadn’t he? Really, truly, sex-propositioned. It wasn’t a “where should we watch a movie” kind of question, was it?

He’d known it might happen one day. If he was being honest, he’d kind of hoped it would, once he finally escaped Ohio – that some time down the road, somewhere in New York he would meet a man who would want to date him, and kiss him, and more. Kurt had spent so much time thinking about it, these last few years when loneliness bit harder every day and his body kept reminding him, with increasing urgency, that it had needs that were not being met. But now that it had actually happened, he didn’t feel ready at all. After only three weeks in New York, he wasn’t even used to the way his straight roommate, Justin, changed in front of him, completely unfazed.

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Not a Slut - Klaine college AU - part 1

Summary: College AU inspired by Artie’s dream in “Glee, Actually”. A story of Kurt who never had Glee or friends, and ended up homeschooled and alone, and of Blaine who never met a beautiful stranger on Dalton’s staircase, but a year later met Sebastian instead. Now, Kurt is just starting at NYADA, where he meets the resident gay Casanova, Blaine Anderson.



Blaine Anderson entered the NYADA ballroom fashionably late, pushing the double doors open and stepping into the crowded room like he owned it. From the reactions of the people closest to the entrance, he just as well might.

There were smiles and stares around him from the moment he entered the room. People were coming up to talk to him, to exchange insubstantial chitchat about the summer and this year’s classes – anything to be seen in his company, part of the popular crowd. Of course, there were the usual glares directed his way, too – disgruntled one-time lovers, mostly. Oh well, Blaine couldn’t help that. He was always very clear about the fact that he didn’t do relationships. And yet, time and again there were people who hoped they would be the one to change that.

It was their problem, not his.

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May 16, 2020

“Okay, so we have the basics covered.” Rachel shuffled through the papers covering half the table. “Blaine, you’re in charge of securing the place plus all the formalities. Kurt covers the outfits and the decorations – just no final decisions without consulting everyone.” She gave him a stern look and Kurt rolled his eyes.

“Yes, I know.”
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Four Point One - drabble #6


March 25, 2018

“Kurt. Kurt, wake up.” An urgent whisper in the darkness jerked him awake.

“Mmmh? Blaine? What’s wrong?” he rasped, still breathless from the intensity of his dream. He felt like his insides were shaking.

“You were screaming in your sleep,” Blaine said, concerned. His hand was on Kurt’s shoulder, a comforting weight.

“Oh. Did I wake you? Sorry, I had a nightmare.”
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Four Point One - drabble #5


December 8, 2017

Kurt waited two full months before he decided it was time for an intervention.

Blaine had just stumbled through his door at ten p.m. like he had every Friday since Rose was born – bleary-eyed and disheveled, an overnight bag clutched in his hand. He’d gone to the airport straight from work, and would leave New York at four on Monday morning to be at work on time again. These had been Blaine’s weekends lately. Never mind lost sleep and money spent on plane tickets. Blaine couldn’t imagine not seeing his little girl for more than a week. Hell, even the week was hard on him. Kurt knew it best, having been on the receiving end of many moping phone calls from Ohio.

And so, it was time for an intervention.

“Okay, before you say no, I want you to at least consider my offer,” Kurt started as he put a cup of jasmine green tea in front of Blaine and then settled opposite him at the kitchen table.

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