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Masterlist of all my stories


This list will be updated as I go. All of the stories here are (predominantly) Glee --> Klaine.
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Let's Play Pretend - masterpost



The tumblr tag for this project is fic: let's play pretend, but since it seems to be acting up today, I got motivated to get all the links together in one place. Here you go!

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May 16, 2020

“Okay, so we have the basics covered.” Rachel shuffled through the papers covering half the table. “Blaine, you’re in charge of securing the place plus all the formalities. Kurt covers the outfits and the decorations – just no final decisions without consulting everyone.” She gave him a stern look and Kurt rolled his eyes.

“Yes, I know.”
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Four Point One - drabble #6


March 25, 2018

“Kurt. Kurt, wake up.” An urgent whisper in the darkness jerked him awake.

“Mmmh? Blaine? What’s wrong?” he rasped, still breathless from the intensity of his dream. He felt like his insides were shaking.

“You were screaming in your sleep,” Blaine said, concerned. His hand was on Kurt’s shoulder, a comforting weight.

“Oh. Did I wake you? Sorry, I had a nightmare.”
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Four Point One - drabble #5


December 8, 2017

Kurt waited two full months before he decided it was time for an intervention.

Blaine had just stumbled through his door at ten p.m. like he had every Friday since Rose was born – bleary-eyed and disheveled, an overnight bag clutched in his hand. He’d gone to the airport straight from work, and would leave New York at four on Monday morning to be at work on time again. These had been Blaine’s weekends lately. Never mind lost sleep and money spent on plane tickets. Blaine couldn’t imagine not seeing his little girl for more than a week. Hell, even the week was hard on him. Kurt knew it best, having been on the receiving end of many moping phone calls from Ohio.

And so, it was time for an intervention.

“Okay, before you say no, I want you to at least consider my offer,” Kurt started as he put a cup of jasmine green tea in front of Blaine and then settled opposite him at the kitchen table.

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Four Point One - drabble #4


October 5, 2017

“I hate you, hate you, hate you.”

Quinn’s voice came sharp through the closed door and echoed in the quiet hospital corridor, ending with a ragged scream. Kurt dropped the magazine he was reading. There was a breath of silence, and then a piercing, “No, get out!”

The door to the birthing room opened a moment later and out came Blaine, looking pale and dejected. He slumped into the armchair opposite Kurt and just sat there, looking into space with a spooked expression.

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Four Point One - drabble #3


July 14, 2017

"Rachel. Rachel, open up, I know you're home, your lights are on! Rachel!" Kurt rapped on the door, not stopping until it opened to reveal his very annoyed best friend.

"Have you considered that I might be busy? Or not interested in your company right now?" she hissed, moving swiftly to block the door before he had time to charge through.

"Oh come on, Rachel, if you have someone there, they can wait a moment. You and I have something to discuss." Kurt whipped a slim ecru envelope out of his jacket pocket. "I got this in the mail today. Apparently Blaine and Quinn's wedding got cancelled. Do you know anything about it?"

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Four Point One - drabble #2


“Don’t tell me what?” Blaine asked.

"That this ice-cream isn't really vegan at all."

"That I'm in love with you."

They spoke at the same time, and clearly the shock of being overheard and pressed to come up with a quick answer influenced them very differently.


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Four Point One - drabble #1



May 7, 2017

"Kurt, you can't do this!" Rachel hissed as she followed him into the kitchen, ostensibly to check if the ice-cream in Blaine's freezer was really vegan.

"Do what?" Kurt asked innocently, peeling off the foil from the top of a fresh bottle of wine.

She rolled her eyes, exasperated. "Flirt with him like that. I know my brother is possibly the most oblivious man in the history of Ohio, but even he will catch on eventually if you keep doing that."

"So what if he does?"

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Four Point One - teaser poster

poster full

Months ago, Hachi planted an idea in my head – like she tends to do quite often – using two gorgeous little manips. This tiny series of heavily AU future-drabbles is the result.

Kurt Hummel and the Anderberry siblings have been best friends since they were six and living on the same street. Now in their mid-twenties, the trio gets together to plan an important event. But can past stay in the past?

Warnings? Sure! Here you go:

  • multiple ships;

  • completely AU;

  • PG (gasp! I know!);

  • tiny! Shorter than any series I’ve ever written – barely 7100 words in 7 installments;

  • fluffier than anything I’ve ever written, too. I think. Though it’s us, so some angst is inevitable.

We will post every day unless stated otherwise. Please to enjoy :)