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Out Of The Closet (Chapter 1)

Summary: How far are you willing to go to keep your peace and comfort? How much will it take to shake you out of it? And what happens when you do?

A story where Blaine Anderson doesn’t come out – even to himself – until long after high school, and when he does, it’s because dramatic circumstances make this decision for him.

Author’s notes: I don’t even know, people. One minute I was having a writing block in the Breathe threequel and the next I had a new doc open and words were flowing out of me at alarming speed. No idea what I was writing about, no plan, nothing – a stream of consciousness, word vomit. I DON’T WORK THIS WAY! So two hours later, when I was done with what is now the first chapter, I showed it to judearaya and she told me she’d break up with me if I don’t keep writing. So I had no choice, right?

This is crazy. Intense. There’s sex there – a LOT of sex, though it’s not the core of the story – so if you don’t like that, be warned. There’s also friendship, romance, angst and a happy Klaine ending, because that’s what I do.

The whole story is already written and my awesome friend and beta, judearaya, is editing the further chapters right now. I will update regularly, every other day.

Have fun. I did.


Blaine runs.

He’s never felt such a shame before, such a nauseating disgust with himself, so much guilt. Everything’s crumbling now, his whole life falling to pieces around him. The walls he raised so painstakingly over all those years, gone. Gone in a cloud of dust that is choking him now, filling his lungs as he runs, runs as fast and as far as he can. Further, further away from the evidence of his failure, of his utter defeat. Further from his parents who must know already, and if they know, they’re on their way to disown him this very minute. Even further from her.

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