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I write so I don't stab people

Klaine stories by a neurotic dreamer

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  • anxioussquirrel@livejournal.com

My name is Kate and this is where I post fanfiction.

I write for Glee/Klaine, read Glee and HP.

I don't do RPF, death!fics, serious illness!fics, cross-overs or any serious AUs. I tend to stick to angst, romance and fluff, and pretty close to canon - at least for now :)

If I post a multi-part story, it generally means it's all written and ready to be published regularly, because my perfectionism is killing me and each story is edited bazillion times before I consider it ready. However, English is my second language (even though I love it more than my first one) and my stories are unbetaed, so any mistakes are my own and I apologize for them in advance.

Thank you for reading and commenting :)